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Trimcraft Aviation

In April of 2016 , the iconic parts manufacturer Trimcraft partners with Plane Parts and awards us with a distributorship.  Trimcraft is well known for it’s engine baffle seals, stainless hardware, nose and main strut seal kits, trim and fairing seals, compass repair kit, brake master cylinder seal kit, as well as it’s PMA’s on nav lights. We will be stocking most of their products. KSL koroseal lacing, TA897 wing root seal, TRB5022 quarter round door seal, TA56 cowl chafe seal, SBR3 silicone engine baffle seal, TSR3 reinforced baffle seal, TA8071 baffle seal, t1284r and T1284G replacement nav light lenses, TCBM brake master cylinder seal kit, C21K compass repair kit, T308 gascolator gaskets, TCNS-1 Cessna nose strut seal kits, TPNS-1 and TPMS-1 Piper nose and main strut seal kits and TFS-1 fuel strainer seal kits. Trimcraft is located near Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.