2400pc stainless hardware assortment




2400pc stainless hardware assortment. Our 2400pc aircraft stainless hardware assortment is perfect for the hangar when you need to replace worn or missing hardware on your aircraft. Our kit contains approved hardware and in all the poplar sizes. Truss head and countersunk sheet metal screws, AN526 truss head machine screws, MS24693 / AN507 countersunk machine screws, Tinnerman washers, NAS1149 / AN960 flat washers and MS21044 / AN365 self locking nuts. The kit contains 100pc of each of the following: 4 X 1/2 PTA SS, 6 X 3/8 PTA SS, 6 X 1/2 PTA SS, 8 X 1/2 PTA SS, 10 X 1/2 PTA SS, AN526C632R6, AN526C632R8, AN526C832R8, AN526C1032R8, #8 TINNERMAN, #10 TINNERMAN, 6 X 1/2 PFA SS, 8 X 1/2 PFA SS, 8 X 3/4 PFA SS, AN507C632R8, AN507C832R8, AN507C1032R8, AN507C1032R12, AN365C632A, AN365C832A. AN365C1032A, AN960C6, AN960C8 AND AN960C10.